You know you’re an adult when household appliances are exciting…

We recently purchased the new Samsung StormWash DW80R5060 series dishwasher. My expectations were blown away and I can’t stop raving about it! When it was delivered, I couldn’t believe how quick and easy the installation was. And it looks so sleek and professional. I especially love the stainless-steel finish on door. It truly is smudge-proof and resists fingerprints too. This is so important to me, as it keeps the dishwasher looking brand new. I’m also impressed with how light the door is- it opens and closes so easily. The recessed handle doesn’t stick out and is built into the door- love this feature!

My dishes have never been cleaner. The third rack is a wonderful addition, and a great spot for utensils or baking sheets. And the bottom rack has a StormWash feature that concentrates on especially dirty dishes. It really cleans baked on, dirty pots and pans. The other racks are adjustable too, so you can truly fit even the largest dish loads in one washing.

With 6 different wash options, you can completely customize the dishwasher to your needs. One of my favorite settings is the sanitize option. I’m a clean freak, so it is important that I know the dishes are both spotless and germ-free. This dishwasher by far has the best cleaning capacity of any dishwasher that I have owned.

What surprised me the most is how quiet the dishwasher is during use- you cannot hear it! No more turning the tv up while the dishwasher is running- it’s unbelievable how silent it is. And when the cycle is nearing completion, the auto release door opens to improve drying performance- no more towel drying dishes before putting them away.

It’s obvious that Samsung did their research and listened to customers, as this product blew away my expectations- from features to ease of use. Overall, I’m so thrilled with my dishwasher and can’t wait to discover new features. Hands down, Samsung nailed it and I am on happy customer!

What are some of your favorite household appliances?

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