Summer is coming to an end- what are you doing to prepare for cold/flu season?

I was so lucky to have been selected to host a home party featuring Sambucol Black Elderberry products! My family and friends were introduced to this amazing company. We were able to sample gummies, original syrup, kids syrup, pastilles and cold/flu tabs. We were all thrilled with the flavors and benefits-even the kids gave them a double thumbs up!

Sambucol is a unique black elderberry extract rich in immune supporting flavonoids, and is made from black elderberries- which have twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and more than 50% the overall antioxidant capability of cranberries.

Sambucol provides strong support to your immune system and can even be used in children. With cold and flu season around the corner, I’m so happy to arm my family with all of the support that we can get. Thank you to Tryazon and Sambucol Black Elderberry for this opportunity to share the health benefits of this super cool product- the party was a big hit!

You have to check out this innovative brand- so many healthy options to choose from⏬

What are your helpful tips to stay healthy?

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